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About Hansie Oosthuizen

Welcome to my Hansie Oosthuizen Photography webpage where creativity and technical mastery converge.

Since a young age I’ve been involved with photography in some form. I remember getting my first camera as a gift from my grandparents when I was 7, it was one of those flat 110 cameras. I just have to smile when I look back at some of the old photos and wonder what I tried to photograph back then. It wasn’t exactly the best camera for wildlife photography in the Kruger National Park.

Being the only child with a camera in our Voortrekker team, I was also promptly crowned as the team’s official photographer and from there my photography journey began.

When I finished high school it was time to go to university and I graduated with a B.Comm (Financial Management) degree. It was roundabout the year 2000 that I had a big shift in my photography, I started to explore and experiment a lot more with creative ideas. I started to previsualise and make photographs, instead of just taking record shots.

In 2002 I moved to Hermanus where I was introduced to B&W photography and a darkroom where I could develop my own films and prints. B&W photography is an excellent way to learn about contrast and tonal values. Hours and hours were spent in the darkroom trying to improve my images and getting to that next level.

After a lot of thought, I decided to make a career change. My journey as a professional photographer officially started when I completed a Diploma in Professional Photography during 2004 and started working as a photographer in Hermanus, where I’m still based with my wife and our two children.

Many people warned me that it’ll take the fun out of photography when I make my hobby, my career choice. Luckily it wasn’t the case at all and through the years I’ve kept my passion for photography and still enjoy making wildlife, scenic and fine-art images in my spare time. I have also been fortunate over the years, that I can share my passion and knowledge with participants during workshops and photo tours in scenic areas around South Africa.

As a photographer, I see the world as my canvas and frequently travel to all corners of South Africa for various photographic projects. I combine my understanding of light and composition with my artistic vision to showcase the unique features and ambiance of each photograph. Whether I’m highlighting the cozy interiors of self-catering accommodations, capturing the elegant charm of guesthouses and hotels, or creating compelling imagery for businesses, my work reflects a passion for crafting visually stunning content that resonates with my clients.

‘Aspire to Inspire’


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